GBCoin – Peer-to-Peer digital currency

GBCoin is based on trust in it, it’s formed with balance of supply and demand only, it isn’t pegged to any currency. Unlike fiat money GBCoin isn’t pegged to the Central Bank or the state, which seeks to ensure liquidity at a given level, pledges and/or obliges others to accept payment in GBCoin, or could lower its purchasing power with additional issue.


GBCoin is an electronic currency, not a promissory note as traditional electronic money or cashless payments (transactions).

GBCoin gives an opportunity to buy quickly, profitably, with a minimum commission. Paying for goods you needn’t fill many fields. All transactions are realized in one click and it takes minimum time. Cryptocurrency can’t be stolen or tied up/frozen. You have a personal key, without having one nobody can use your resources.

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About our development team

Our development and team of trusted volunteers are working round the clock to be active and work in an open source environment. We have a wonderful team who are passionate about cryptography, programming & in other fields (Building, Mining & Branding). Our developers and team are all volunteers. If you would like to help and donate. This is our: Developer’s Fund Address. Note: Any donation is appreciated and will be used for future projects.

What is GBCoin ?

GBcoin is a digital currency that can be sent between people over the internet. GBcoin (GBCN) stays true to the original vision of cryptocurrency: a financial system owned by its users, the people’s coin. GBcoin is not controlled by large banks or mining hardware manufacturers and can be mined by anyone profitably. Fairly distributed without a premine, ICO or airdrop, GBcoin is developed by community members working as volunteers and the project is wholly funded by donations. A finite resource similar to gold, you can rest assured that GBcoin will keep your money safe from vested interests and ensure that transaction fees are proportionate and shared between a large number of miners. With GBcoin, you can truly be your own bank.
Confirm the system of a private Bank, with open offices in different countries, which work for the good of man. GBcoin is responsible for international transactions, the Bank’s budget and financial framework provided by our system, because of its full functionality.
Cryptocurrency mining GBcoin will have a capacity of one hundred and fifty years, until the year 2170. Total sommarnatt units produced before this date will be 24 million units. That will make a stir in the cryptocurrency market and will not allow inflation, which will allow you to take a leading place among cryptocurrencies and cost of GBcoin.